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Civil Litigation

Civil Ligitation

Litigation in Hong Kong 


Litigation results in significant legal costs and time. Experienced and responsible lawyers try to avoid litigation or court proceedings. Our team will advise their clients to avoid disputes. Our litigation team helps clients to study and analyze the matters, finding out their legal strength and weakness, applying the relevant laws and recognize the possible legal consequences. 


Litigation is unavoidable in some cases. We deal in litigation issues arising out of breach of contract, civil fraud or torts, negligence or breach of fiduciary duty.  


Mediation and Arbitration 


These are means of disputes resolutions on legal battles serving as alternatives to litigation (ADR). Consult our litigation team further for your legal needs. 


Contractual Disputes 


Business relationships between two or more parties must be defined carefully to protect the rights of all the parties. A contractual dispute arises when one of the parties breaks the terms or conditions in the contract. This has a harmful impact on others. 


Civil Fraud and Criminal Theft 


When a commercial entity such as a company makes a false representation of a material fact and it causes physical or financial harm, civil fraud occurs. We help our clients to get adequate compensation for the harm caused due to the negligence of the commercial entity. This can be done by commencing a civil litigation in Court and obtaining a court's injunction to freeze the fraud proceeds. Quite often, civil fraud carries criminality, we help client to make a report to the police, ICAC or other law enforcement agencies. 

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